Teeth Fillings


Teeth Fillings

A tooth filling is a minimally invasive procedure which helps repair and re-strengthen a damaged or infected tooth. Dr. Lee and her staff are very patient. We want all of the advanced numbing creams or injections to ensure your comfort! Thankfully, typical teeth fillings are not the dramatic treatment they are depicted as across film and television. In reality, our office has embraced many of the advanced techniques that make this treatment, easy.

Who Needs A Teeth Filling

You may need a filling if you have discolored spots on your teeth. These seemingly harmless spots are likely signs of tooth decay! Dr. Lee might also recommend a filling if you have cracked or broken teeth. These cracks can happen if you’re prone to nail-biting, tooth grinding, or if you use your teeth for opening objects.


Dr. Lee will first gently apply a local anesthetic. Our practice has wide variety of these anesthetics so we will find the right one for you.  Once Dr. Lee is certain that the anesthetic is active, she will begin to remove the decay. Once the decay is removed, the remaining space is then shaped and prepped for filling. Then, the filling is placed. A special light is used to harden and strengthen the filling. When this process is complete, the tooth is polished.
If your treatment necessitates more than one appointment, a temporary filling might be placed. This could be because your tooth needs a little extra time to heal, the pulp was exposed during treatment due to a deep cavity, or emergency dental treatment is required.
Dr. Lee has a wealth of experience. Tooth Fillings for her are routine!