Teeth Cleanings


Teeth Cleanings

A teeth cleaning involves a deep cleanse of the entire mouth. Dr. Lee will make sure to clean both your gums and teeth! A teeth cleaning at your dentist uses unique dental tools.These tools ensure that your smile gets the attention it deserves! Don’t Worry! Dental teeth cleanings may be a bit uncomfortable but they rarely hurt!

Who Needs a Teeth Cleaning

If you have not had a teeth cleaning in 6 months or more, you are overdue. A teeth cleaning is a necessary, routine procedure for anyone interested in oral care. A regular visit to Dr. Lee and her staff will prevent more serious dental issues later in life!


First Dr. Lee removes plaque and tartar with an ultrasonic cleaner and water sprayer. Ultrasonic cleaners make use of many of the technological advances the dental industry has made! This tool will remove the large tartar deposits from your teeth.

Then, Dr. Lee will work with a series of fine dental tools that gently scrape away the remaining plaque and tartar. The Dr. and her staff have a wide array of these dental tools! We will always have the right tool for the right job. It is important to Dr. Lee that we take no shortcuts during your tooth cleaning!

Now it is time for your polishing. Dr. Lee will brush your teeth with a special rotary toothbrush. This toothbrush can best be imagined as a professional grade Sonic Care. It won’t hurt a bit and Dr. Lee will use a special dentist-only toothpaste! This toothpaste helps the toothbrush polish your freshly cleaned smile.

Dr. Lee will finish your teeth cleaning by flossing your teeth. The Doctor has a teacher’s heart and loves to take this time to show children and adults alike proper flossing technique. Teeth cleanings are essential for your oral care regimen!! 

Let’s plan your next visit today! Don’t forget, we have a convenient reminder appointment reminder to help you stay on track.