Dentures are removable replacement teeth. They are available in both partial and full sets. While they may not feel exactly like your natural teeth, Dr. Lee will ensure they look as natural and feel as comfortable as possible. Our practice has embraced modern Denture techniques. You’ll be surprised by how far they have come!

Who Needs Dentures

Dentures are a solution for tooth loss. If Dr. Lee notices that a patient is missing teeth, or the teeth are beyond repair, she may recommend Dentures as an alternative to other treatment. Dentures are an excellent and common solution for tooth loss.

Our Practice is vigilant for the following signs of tooth loss:

  • Swollen, Red, or tender Gums
  • Loose and shifting teeth
  • Gaps between teeth are widening
  • Severe toothache
  • Patient who is struggling to eat hard foods
  • Self-conscience smiles!


Dr. Lee will use your whole mouth as a model! This allows us to craft your new dentures to an exacting fit. First, our staff will take an impression of your upper and lower arches. Don’t worry, these impressions are painless.
Then, Dr. Lee will use this impression as a guide as she designs your new dentures. She will take note of your gums, your tooth color, and your bite. The Dr. knows that the best possible result occurs when your dentures are seamless translation of your natural teeth.
Once your dentures are made in our lab, the staff will begin fitting them. Once the bite and look are just right, you are done!