A crown is a tooth-shaped cover that protects and covers a damaged tooth. A crown is multipurpose! Dr. Lee uses crowns to improve the tooth’s appearance and strengthen the tooth itself. The Dr. will also sometimes place crowns on top of an implant. This ensures both a natural looking shape and durability.

Who Needs A Crown

Dr. Lee often recommends crowns in the following cases:
Bridges serve a number of purposes:
  • To replace a large filling where tooth remains
  • To protect a weaker tooth from fracturing
  • To repair a fractured tooth
  • To attach a bridge
  • To ensure a natural looking dental implant
  • To cover-up a discolored tooth
  • To reshape a poorly formed tooth
  • To cover a tooth that has had a root canal

Crowns are an excellent resource at Dr. Lee’s disposal! Porcelain and ceramic crowns have a reputation for being less durable than crowns fashioned from metal alloys. However, many patients prefer the more natural coloring of Porcelain crowns. Dr. Lee will bond the Porcelain over a metal shell. This will lead to an attractive and durable crown.

This newer crown technique is one of the many advantages of choosing our practice.


Dr. Lee will place the crown in two treatments.

Dr. Lee is conservative with treatment. She will begin by taking x-rays. These x-rays will be examined by our staff to ensure the roots of the tooth are not decayed.

Our practice has a strong reputation for gentle dentistry. Dr. Lee will  then apply a light anaesthetic to the tooth to make sure you are comfortable. Dr. Lee will then lightly reshape the tooth. Once the Dr. has finished crafting your tooth, our staff will take an impression. This impression will guide us when we choose the shape of your permanent crown.In the meantime Dr. Lee will place a temporary crown to protect the shape she so carefully sculpted!

The second visit is much quicker. Dr. Lee will remove the temporary crown and fit your new custom crown! Dr. Lee is very particular and will adjust this crown until it is the perfect fit and shape.

Cosmetic Dentistry requires an artisan’s eye. Dr. Lee has weaved the durability of metal alloy crowns with the look of a more natural porcelain cover. Her experience as a dentist has tempered the discomfort so many of us worry about!